The range of our ship chandler services includes:


  • Dairy, meat, and canned products
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Deli meat products
  • Wide variety of baked goods and pastries
  • Soft drinks, beer, and cigarettes


  • Marine equipment and spare parts, instruments, tools, bearings, oils and lubricants, paints, marine and household chemicals
  • Repair and restoration of separate units and parts, part manufacturing, delivery of oversize parts
  • Survival and fire-protection gear, personal protective equipment
  • Manufactured goods, household products, office supplies, appliances, dishware, and consumer electronics
  • Maintenance and approval of rescue equipment, including inflatable life rafts, fire-protection equipment, and breathing apparatuses
  • Anti-piracy materials


  • Customs processing of goods delivered to foreign ships
  • Transportation services for vessel crew members
  • Provisions and technical supply for legal parties
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